The Team

Nathan Brink — Graduated from Calvin College with a BCS and works for Brink Development and DirectConneX in Grand Rapids.

Aaron Brink — Attending Calvin College, majoring in Business with a CS minor. Worked for Rapid Development Group in Grand Rapids and has been involved with front-end UX design for 5 years.

Kristofer Brink — Graduating from Calvin College (fall 2017) with a BCS degree. Works at Brink Development as a lead developer.

Mark Wissink — Attending Calvin College, majoring in Computer Science.

Web Development

We work with front end tools such as Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator to create content based designs for sites. We implement these designs on WordPress, Node.js and the React framework. Knowing these tools enables us to create well designed and easy to use single page applications as well as blogs and other standard websites.

Mobile Applications

We use a well known service called Cordova which allows us to port what we’ve created for the web to become a mobile application. This process was used by popular services like Twitter when starting out and allows us to provide low cost solutions by maintaining one code base.