We develop web solutions for Grand Rapids nonprofits and businesses.


About Us

We’re a group of college aged computer science majors (or soon to major) experienced in developing web based solutions for clients. We’ve worked for the Islamic Center of Grand Rapids, Cascade Fellowship, Grand Rapids Christian Schools and ongoing work with Calvin College. We also have made custom personal sites. Contact aaronlbrink@gmail.com for any web based or mobile project you have.

Sr. developer, Nathan Phillip Brink, graduated from Calvin College in 2012 and is currently employed at his day job, Direct ConneX. During evenings and weekends he guides Jr. developers to perfect their job.

Jr. developer, Kristofer Brink, is a senior at Calvin College and will graduate spring of 2018. He has experience in React (a web framework) and various other skills which come with a computer science degree.

UX and front end designer, Aaron Brink, is attending Calvin College and has experience working at Rapid Development Group (a small web development group in downtown Grand Rapids), as a intern at BDO Grand Rapids and work at Calvin.

Entry level developer (and intern), Mark Wissink, is sophomore computer science major at Calvin College with currently working for Calvin’s CS department. Work Kristofer doesn’t want to do is delegated to Mark.

Contact Us

By email at aaronlbrink@gmail.com. Submit your personal site, web/mobile app idea, company website, custom software solution, questions, price quotes to aaronlbrink@gmail.com.